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Notes for admission applicants    

Please download the application form for details.  
Period for application submission:Open for application now  

Ludus Kindergarten’s School Registration Number:600679
Ludus Nursery’s School Registration Number:002828

For any enquiries, please feel free to call our dedicated hotline at 23820061.

Class arrangements:  
Half-day classes AM Classes and PM Classes

For parents who are submitting application for their children for Academic Year 2016-2017 classes,
please refer to the following information before choosing the class they would like to enroll:
Our school is now accepting applications for enrollment from children meeting the age requirements for Nursery Classes (N classes), K1 classes and K2 classes. Please take note of the application and interview guidelines below:    
1.Application for enrollment    

Obtaining the application form (Available throughout the year):

(i) Download from our website:
(Admission > Academic Year 2016-2017) Or
(ii) Obtain the application form in person at our school.
Dedicated hotline: 2382 0061
School’s address: 2/F, Le Billionnaire, No. 46 Sa Po Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Submitting application forms:
(i) In person to our school, Monday to Saturday 9:00am-4:00pm or
(ii) Mail to us by post
(Reminder: Please refer to our website regarding the class arrangement and age requirements for Academic Year 2016-2017 classes)
2. Interview (An interview will be offered for all applications)
(i) Interview time
Our school shall call applicants to discuss a suitable interview time. Please be punctual. (Interview time cannot be changed. We suggest arriving at school 15 minutes prior to the interview for preparation.)
To maintain fairness to other applicants, late-comers will be arranged a later session for the interview.
Walk-in interviewees without a reservation will be arranged an interview at a later session on that day.
Ludus shall have the final decisions on interview arrangement.
(ii) Interview duration and procedures
The interview lasts for about 1 hour.
Modes of interview include: Games for children. An individual interview with family by teachers.
(iii) Admission Criteria
Priority consideration/processing (*Not priority admission)
  •Siblings of Ludus current students
•Children or siblings of Ludus Alumni
•Children of Ludus staff / members
Interview performance of the applicant
3.Documents for submission and verification
(i) A copy of birth certificate of your child (Please bring along the original for information verification)
(ii) Three stamped and self-addressed envelopes
(iii) Application fee HKD $40 (Please note that only cheque payment is accepted. All fee paid is non-refundable.)
A crossed cheque made payable to “Ludus Kindergarten Limited”
4. Notice of offer
  No matter if the application is successful or not, Ludus shall send a “notice of offer” to successful applicants. For any enquiries, please feel free to call us.
5.Registration arrangements
Please refer to the letter of offer for details and come to school for registration according to the specific date and time.
Successful applicants who fail to register at school within the specific period will have their school places surrendered. Ludus shall allocate the places to following students on the waiting list.
Parents of unsuccessful children may refer to the Kindergarten vacancy information released by the EDB and regional education offices.

Tuition fee special offer for twins    
Twins (twins or more) studying together at Ludus will enjoy a discount of 10% for regular tuition fee.
Better utilize resources - let children enjoy more opportunities to participate in suitable activities, broaden the horizons and learn through real experience.
We join hands with parents to tailor make every detail for children and cater for their need and development.
With our caring spirit, we immerse children with positive power towards right values.


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